Friday, May 13, 2011

Extra Lunch Money, extra creepy? **UPDATED**

Apparently "benic" responded to my post insisting he's not creepy. I have a one word response:


LOLOLOLOL. You run a site where girl sell pictures of them peeing on themselves, own your creepiness.


I originally found Extra Lunch Money through Twitter, as they have been very active there and I investigated the site. The concept looks good and it seems pretty legit. I was thinking of putting up a pic set but before I did I wanted to do some research to see if they were legit and I ran across a few very creepy things that put me off the site.

First up, if you click over to their blog you'll see a bunch of bizarre interviews that a creeper calling himself "benic" is doing. Here's an example:

I have no idea what the point of these interviews are other than to give "benic" a chance to talk to girls, LOL. The thing that concerned me is that some of the interviews are with former street prostitutes. What on earth does that have to do with selling erotica online? As far as I know selling erotica is legal and fun, and being a street prostitute is skeezy, illegal and disgusting.

So why would you want to associate criminals with your website? That right there would be enough to warn me off of Extra Lunch Money.

I found another thing REALLY bothered me tho, it looks like they are trying to recruit girls on teen forums to pose for the site. That seems REALLY creepy to me and possibly illegal. Here's a screen shot of someone publicizing Extra Lunch Money on a teen sexuality forum:

The forum is on the LiveWire forum site and it's for discussion of teen sexuality. This instantly reminded me of the Alxea DiCarlo fiasco from a few months ago - a creepy guy posing as a woman on teen forums to lure young women into prostitution in that case.

If I were running Extra Lunch Money I'd go out of my way to avoid stuff like this, and I'd probably fire "benic" for associating street prostitutes with my site. So, my opinion, use at your own risk.


  1. Hey thanks for taking to time to write about us. This is Benic...the "creepy" guy you mention in your post. I wanted to clarify some of the points you made so I responded on our blog here:

    I also wrote a somewhat related post here:

    Again, thanks for checking us out!

  2. You guys should also check out sometime. They seem to be getting pretty popular for custom video sales and real girls that sell pictures and clips online.