Extra Lunch Money

Recently a new site popped up called Extra Lunch Money which is basically a clone of micro gig site Fiverr with a twist - it's adult oriented. It seems interesting from that perspective, that you only make content on demand and that they collect the money and then pay you out, but in there is the rub - they only pay you 65% of what your asking price is.

They try to confuse you by pricing items in credits, but the way it works is that the buyers pay $1 per credit, and sellers receive .65 per credit, with ELM pocketing the difference, if they are bringing in a lot of buyers, however, 35% is a fair price, IMO.

Basically you create an account, set up gigs you are willing to fulfill and wait for a buyer to order and pay; once you deliver the gig you get paid to your Alertpay account. Seems pretty cool.

And - the pros and cons of Extra Lunch Money:

  • You make and sell content on demand.
  • You set your own price, so you get what you deserve per item.
  • New site, so it's not over saturated.
  • Easy to get a profile on the site.
  • You get to decide what you want to do, and how much you want to do.
  • Get paid directly to Alert Pay whenever you want to cash out.
  • New site, so not very much traffic.
  • Guys get to message you for free messages so you don't get paid for those and there could be a lot of time wasters.
  • ELM withholds 35% of your earnings, while it's less than other sites,  you still do the work and they keep some.